Trio formed by Alessandra Ferreri, Matteo Sedda and Joshua Vanhaverbeke

VITAMINA is characterised by a particular interest in representations of the obscene and the display of excess in all its forms.

Alessandra Ferreri was born in Italy in 1988 where she received a very Catholic education.

At the age of 8 she started drawing by copying the cartoon characters she watched on TV and around the same age, while in a friend’s attic, she discovered pornography and was immediately fascinated by it. After receiving a degree in literature and philosophy and a Master’s degree in direction and scenography, she developed her own artistic work in which she likes to perceive the stage as a sacred place ready to overflow. A container in which one can try to capture the present moment.

Joshua Vanhaverbeke was born in Bruges in 1993 and studied at the LUCA Academy in Ghent, which he left without graduating. He is now a sound and light designer and focuses his work on the possible relationship between installation and choreographic practices.

Matteo Sedda was born in Sardinia in 1990 where he started performing as a drag queen under the name “Elektra” and won a regional contest: “Miss Drag Queen”.

At the age of 21 he participated in another competition, this one on television: “Amici”. After dancing to “Non potho riposare”, the jury member and ballerina, Alessandra Celentano, told him: “In my opinion, you will never become a professional dancer”. He then cried live in front of 3 million viewers.

A few years later, after graduating from the DanceHaus in Milan, he collaborated as a dancer with many international artists. He also developed his own choreographic research through a very physical language based on endurance, obsession and a search for direct impact.