"VITAMINA is a fascination for raw human behaviour, directed by Alessandra Ferreri and Joshua Vanhaverbeke. We see our work as an attempt to process modern existence, with a particular interest in representations of the obscene and the display of excess in all its forms."

"LENTOxVIOLENTO is the expression of the eternal human desire for change and progress. It is the affirmation of the fast lane, an ideology of speed addicts.…

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10_09_2023 -NeverStopScrollingBaby-

Festival Ammutinamenti, Ravenna (IT)*

19/20_09_2023 -NeverStopScrollingBaby-

 Città delle 100 Scale Festival, Potenza (IT)

06_10_2023 -NeverStopScrollingBaby-

BASE, Milano (IT)

??_10_2023 -NeverStopScrollingBaby-

C12, Bruxelles, (BE)

30_11 & 01_12_2023 -NeverStopScrollingBaby-

 Paulilatino, Sardegna (IT)

28_01_2024 -NeverStopScrollingBaby-

 Microdanse #6 @Le 140, Bruxelles (BE)

04_05_2024 -NeverStopScrollingBaby-

Microdanse #6 @L’Abri, Genève (CH)